Coastal excursions (summer)

Here are some suggestions for the summer: coasteering, traversing along the coast, or with snorkelling to cross a section of the sea.

In the near future I intend to expand the number of such tours that I offer.

Coasteering (summer)


Coasteering is a new outdoor activity, first developed in northern Europe (Wales, United Kingdom) and then extended to the whole of the Mediterranean, thanks to the mild climate and warmer sea.

Coasteering means following the water line, either by climbing or swimming. You can also dive in, sometimes from a considerable height.

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Isola Foradada (summer)


The Isola Foradada is a small (4,6 hectares) rocky island 300 metres from the west coast of the Capo Caccia promonotory (Alghero, SS).

Despite its small size (260 m long, maximum altitude 130 m) it is very imposing, especially because of the large hole that penetrates it from east to west.

The trip to reach the island and climb to the summit is one of the most fascinating that you can find in this part of Sardinia!

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