Via Ferrata di Pentumas

Ferrata del Pentumas

S'Istrada Minore commonly known as the “Via Ferrata di Badde Pentumas” is an itinerary for expert walkers or those accompanied by a guide.

The via ferrata climbs up a succession of ledges on the right wall of the canyon, a stone’s throw from the stunning Lanaitho valley (Oliena). This truly wild setting plus the sheer scale of the surrounding environment makes this excursion very thrilling.


Ferrata del Pentumas


The route is well-protected throughout but a vertical section, without fixed steps, requires good physical strength or an aptitude for rock climbing.

The most exposed and exciting sections involving traversing above a 100 m drop!

Groups have minimum 6 participants and the price per person is 45 €. Duration: about 5 hours.