Gorropu Canyon

Gole di Gorropu

The Gorropu Canyon (Gole di Gorropu) is perhaps Sardinia’s best-known outdoor feature. The deep canyon was formed by complex tectonic movements and thousands of years’ erosion by the waters of the Rio Flumineddu. The route of the river is the island’s oldest canyoning itinerary, having been explored with the use of ropes in 1967.

A day excursion allows you to traverse the most evocative parts of the gorge, starting from the Sedda Ar Baccas sheepfolds (Urzulei) and finishing 5 hours later in the Oddoene valley at the S'Abba Arva bridge.

There are several sections of climbing, protected with a steel cable. You need to wear a harness and use a double lanyard.

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Groups are composed of a minimum of 6 participants and the price per person is 45 €. This includes use of climbing equipment but does not include transport between start and finish.

Optional: it is possible to arrange the “integral” (complete) descent of the Riu Flumineddu and of the Gole di Gorropu in two days, with an intermediate camp: sleeping overnight, inside the gorge, is a fantastic experience. Words are insufficient to describe what this feels like!

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