Tavolara Island


The Island of Tavolara towers out of the sea. With its sheer 565 m elevation (Punta Cannone) it rises majestically opposite the Golfo di Olbia.

The climb to its summit is worthy of the Alps, both for the considerable height gain and because there are numerous rocky sections along the path that weaves up towards the crest. The final section up the wall barring the way to the summit is equipped with fixed ropes that allow you to progress using via ferrata self-belay techniques.

Spring and autumn are the ideal seasons for the ascent. In winter the visibility is often not very good, while in summer you have to make an early start.

To reach Tavolara you have to take the public ferry from Porto San Paolo or rent a private boat.


Other information

Groups are composed of a minimum of 6 participants and the price per person is 45 €.

This includes being accompanied by a guide and technical equipment but does not include getting to Tavolara (return ferry ticket 16 euro). This is a 6-hour trip.

N.B. the Isola di Tavolara is private property and making this trip is dependent on obtaining permission from the owners.