Autumn Adventures

With the mild climate of the Sardinian autumn is still possible to plan the via ferrata but you can also plan even long trails.

Therefore it's always valid the possibility to plan excursions on our via ferrata, inlcuded the Via Ferrata di Giorré, the Via Ferrata della Regina, but is also possible to schedule any requests for the GTS (Grande Traversata del Supramonte), an itinerary that is about to become a classic of Sardinia, with its 4 days of adventure, or even the wonderful GTG (Grande Traversata del Gennargentu) before the snowfall at high altitude arrives.

Finally, don't forget our wonderful abseiling destinations that I run in collaboration with the Adventure Guide a.s.d. (in this case the registration as membership is necessary)

For each of these proposals you will find the detailed information pages with costs and links to dedicated web sites, but if you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact form on the contact page.