Codula Fuili Canyon

Codula Fuili

Codula Fuili is a small but evocative canyon which is cut into the limestone of the Golfo di Orosei, just a few km from Cala Gonone. To descend it you need to use harnesses and ropes. Although there is no water, this is a classic canyoning tour.

The conformation of this “codula” means that beginners can try out canyoning for the first time without undue stress and enjoy the really unspoiled surroundings. In some points the gorge is so narrow that you can touch both walls at the same time!

Codula Fuili is suitable for all times of year. By car (or with a shuttle service) you reach the upper part of the valley and descend to the charming Cala Fuili beach and enjoy a swim in summer!

Verticali in Codula Fuili


Further information

The descent of the gorge takes about 4 hours. Groups are comprised of 6 or more persons and the price per person is 40 €.

The price includes the guide who accompanies you and the necessary technical equipment (helmet, double lanyard, harness).


Lo 'stretto' di Codula Fuili