Canale Brancoi

Le creste

The Canale Brancoi is a deep vertical cleft in the west face of the Oliena Supramonte (NU), not far from Ortu Camminu.

This "adventurous" circular route starts from just above Maccione, on the slopes of the Carabidda, then climbs to the Pradu pass and continues along the crests. The descent from the upper part of the gully requires the use of ropes with abseils of up to 25 m.

This excursion is best undertaken in spring or autumn – in summer it’s too hot and in winter too cold – and takes about 5 hours.

Il rientro dal Canale Brancoi


Further information

Groups are comprised of 6 or more persons and the price per person is 40 €.

The price includes the guide to accompany you and the necessary technical equipment (helmet, harness, descender).