Badde Pentumas canyon

Badde Pentumas

Badde Pentumas is a deep canyon cut into the limestone massif of the Oliena (NU) Supramonte, through the west buttresses of the stupendous and magical Lanaitho valley.

This is a dry canyon, with no water or standing pools, whose descent involves a long series of abseils for which you need a harness and descender.

You start with the tiring but fascinating climb up which takes 2 hours 30 minutes to reach the mysterious Sovana valley, the main feed into the Pentumas canyon.

The descent consists of 13 abseils, whose maximum length is 25 metres.

Badde Pentumas


Altre informazioni

Groups are comprised of 6 or more persons and the price per person is 45 €. The price includes necessary technical equipment.

This trip lasts 8 hours and is suitable for those who are well-prepared and in good physical shape.