Orbisi canyon

Codula Orbisi

Although there’s not much water in the Codula Orbisi, its descent is one of Sardinia’s most fascinating canyoning trips. The high, smooth walls, the very eroded rock formations and the variety of technical passages make it a sort of outdoor adventure park.

During the descent of this canyon, which has some all-year round lakes whose depth varies according to the time of year, you make free-hanging abseils up to 35 m long, slide down sections of zip line and swim through deep, cold waters.

One of the most evocative sections is without doubt traversing the Grotta dei Colombi,a sort of bypass around the canyon from which, after several abseils inside of it, you emerge outside again at the end of the descent.

Codula Orbisi


Altre informazioni

The descent of the Codula Orbisi takes about 6 hours to which you have to add an extra hour to climb back up the steep path to where you have parked the car.

Groups are comprised of 6 or more persons and the price per person is 55 €. The price includes necessary technical equipment and neoprene wetsuits.