Grande Traversata del Gennargentu


The Grande Traversata del Gennargentu is a 3-day trek which winds for 40 km over Sardinia’s highest and best-known mountain massif.

In the course of the 3 stages, with a total of 20 hours’ walking, you climb a total of 2500 metres and bivouac in abandoned sheepfolds (“cuiles” in Sard, “ovili” in Italian).

Groups have a minimum of 4 participants and the price per person is 210 €. You need to book a month in advance and pay a deposit of 100 €.

Uno dei cuili-bivacco

This price includes:
  • Transfers from Arcu Correboi (finishing point) to Aritzo (starting point)

  • 3 days’ accompaniment on the trek

It's possible to include the following options, for an additional price:

  • Dinner at the end of the first or second stage

The additional cost depends on the size of the group, contact me for more details.