Summer 2020, a new unusual hiking season

So here we are finally with some hiking destinations for the summer of 2020.

Sardinia, with its 24 thousand square kilometers of surface, is the third Italian region by extension, and with its 1.64 million inhabitants, it has a population density that normally does not exceed 64 inhabitants per square kilometer. To put it more simply, there is more than enough space for social distancing in this wild island and hiking destinations couldn't be further from being crowded tourist traps.

Each activity featured on these pages are normally intended for small groups (4-6-8 people) but indeed, it is also possible to apply for an exclusive excursion (private tour) or to propose personalized formulas of the destinations that you will find listed below (tailor made).

Either you live on the island or you come from other Italian regions or even from abroad, here you will find some ideas to plan your summer excursions in Sardinia!

Regarding via ferratas, if you are not a complete beginner, I would recommend the Via Ferrata della Regina (almost entirely in the shade even in the height of summer) or the more classic climb on the island of Tavolara which is rather demanding physically but never gets too technical.

Concerning some easier hiking routes, I suggest giving a go to the acquatrek (river trekking) experience if you haven't tried it yet! It is a new way of walking in nature in the summer in a rather pleasant and relaxing manner as instead of following a path you follow a clear and refreshing stream. On the brand new page dedicated to this particular activity you will find a list of routes for all tastes, from a couple of relaxing hours to a more demanding and captivating experience.

As for the more technical routes we have an infinite choice of Adventure Routes (scrambling & abseiling) or even the possibility to choose between dry canyoning (Codula Fuili) and its wet counterpart (Rio Pitrisconi)!

For any further information, do not hesitate to reach me via the contact form on the contact page.

NOTE all rented technical equipment follows the isolation procedures indicated by the manufacturers, including washing at 40 degrees for materials that can endure (gloves, wetsuits) or by a 7-14 days long quarantine period (dpi , backpacks) before being reused (for this reason particular attention must be paid when returning the equipment). During hiking activities there is no obligation to use facial masks or gloves, however the distance of 2 meters established by the law must be respected. Furthermore the obligation of wearing a mask remains valid before and after the excursion.