Short Hikes

Below are some of the ultra-classic short walks that I recommend.

Short means day walks or walks of only a few hours: these are easy walks of up to 8 hours’ duration. These are naturally only suggestions;  if you want, we can plan other trips together.

Bacu Padente

Bacu Padente

Bacu Padente is a deep valley, the descent of which requires the use of ropes for some vertical sections. It involves a mix of caving and canyoning techniques.

This "bacu" (narrow valley or gorge) is not as famous as some others on Sardinia, buit this descent offers incomparable thrills and great views, with caves looking out over the sea and some easy climbing along the coast.

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Trek delle Bocche

Trekking delle bocche

Three days of trekking along the island’s north coast, through the granite landscape of the Gallura, looking across to Corsica and the Bocche di Bonifacio. The Trek delle Bocche is not a difficult itinerary, and in spring or autumn rewards you with scents, views and thrills that you’ll remember for a long time.

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