Vie Ferrate

Here you find some of the most important “vertical” attractions in Sardinia: the vie ferrate!

In addition to “real” vie ferrate, such as the Cabirol at Capo Caccia (Alghero) or the via ferrata della Regina at Monteleone Rocca Doria you will find some unusual exposed itineraries which are similar in character to vie ferrate, such as the Via Ferrata di Pentumas (Oliena) or the Plumare ledges (Baunei).

Via Ferrata della Regina

Ferrata della Regina

The Via Ferrata della Regina is suitable for expert walkers ideally with previous experience on vie ferrate.

The via ferrata is reached with a short approach along an easy path which leads under the cliff from the small and elegant village of Monteleone Rocca Doria. Just after the old spring "Funtana 'e ziu Ainzu" you find the start of the via ferrata, a steep vertical section. The via ferrata also features a Tibetan bridge.

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Via Ferrata di Giorré

Ferrata di Giorré

The Via Ferrata di Giorré is an itinerary for expert walkers with via ferrata experience or those of average experience provided they are accompanied by a guide.

The route follows the long ledges across the imposing limestone crag of Giorré. The ledges are wide in places, but in other places they narrow considerably or even disappear altogether. The most exposed sections are therefore protected by a steel cable and, occasionally, there are metals rungs to assist progression.

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Via Ferrata di Pentumas

Ferrata del Pentumas

S'Istrada Minore commonly known as the “Via Ferrata di Badde Pentumas” is an itinerary for expert walkers or those accompanied by a guide.

The via ferrata climbs up a succession of ledges on the right wall of the canyon, a stone’s throw from the stunning Lanaitho valley (Oliena). This truly wild setting plus the sheer scale of the surrounding environment makes this excursion very thrilling.

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Via Ferrata del Cabirol

Ferrata del Cabirol


The Via Ferrata del Cabirol is suitable for expert walkers (with via ferrata experience) or for walkers with average experience when accompanied by a guide. The via ferrata has two long traverses connected by a short vertical section.

The fact that cables protect the vertical sections should not lead you to underestimate their difficulty or the risks you are taking. You absolutely must use a helmet, harness and energy-dissipating via ferrata set.

Nevertheless this itinerary cannot be said to be “mountaineering”: you don’t have to abseil or tie into a rope with your partner.

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