Multi-day treks

The walking trips on this page are more advanced: they are multi-day walks.

The suggestions range from the two days of the Gorropu Vintage (a technical route involving the use of ropes)  to the seven days of the famous Selvaggio Blu. Here you find both super-technical adventures and much easier proposals such as the Trek delle Bocche di Bonifacio or the Grande Traversata del Gennargentu.

Selvaggio Blu

Selvaggio Blu


Dear fellow hiker,

due to a series of unacceptable limitations set by an ordinance of the Municipality of Baunei - such as forbidding to set up a camp at Cala Goloritzè and Cala Mudaloru, maybe the two most spectacular campsites of the entire trek - for this year I have decided to avoid organizing the Selvaggio Blu Trek. It has been a difficult but inevitable decision, and if you have the patience to read these few lines I would like to explain the reason why I have come to this conclusion.

A difficult decision because I have personally worked to promote actively this trek through every available media channel for over twenty years. I have promoted it in every possible way: by publishing guides about the territory in Italian and in English and contributing to its wide distribution through websites, national and foreign magazines, guidebooks such as Lonely Planet and even by participating in Italian and foreign television broadcasts .

An inevitable decision because a group of tour operators, with the complicit support of the local municipal administration did everything in their power to prevent other guides - regardless of whether they are respectful and worthy - from working in this area simply because they are not resident in "their" local territory. Competition has never frightened me, on the contrary, it is usually a boost to grow and improve but here we are facing regulatory instruments that go far beyond a respectful professional challenge.

So no Selvaggio Blu Trek then, but I am still at your disposal to offer and organize other multi-day treks in the most hospitable Sardinia. The potential of Sardinian hiking routes is boundless, all equally beautiful and exciting, wild and blue. Always taking into consideration the respect for the territory and the environment but definitely free from tolls and fake environmental constraints.

Contact me to find out what other treks can be organized in Sardinia.

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Grande Traversata del Supramonte

GTS - Cuile Vilitzi

The Grande Traversata del Supramonte is a 4-day trek, completely self-reliant, across the marvellous wild territory of the Supramonte. Four days in the  wilderness during which the only man-made structures you come across (and where you will sleep) are the old shepherds’ huts "cuiles" which are used for bivvying

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Gorropu Vintage

Gorropu Vintage

The Gole di Gorropu (Gorropu Canyon) are one of the largest and most fantastic karst features of Sardinia’s Supramonte.

The Gole are a canyon formed over thousands of years by the waters of the Rio Flumineddu whose source is on the slopes of the Gennargentu (Funtana Muidorgia, Arcu Correboi) and which flows for 20 km before the start of the Gorropu gorge with its high walls.

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Grande Traversata del Gennargentu


The Grande Traversata del Gennargentu is a 3-day trek which winds for 40 km over Sardinia’s highest and best-known mountain massif.

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