LaThe highly enjoyable sport of canyoning is, contrary to what you might think, widely practised on Sardinia. There are more than 100 documented canyons!

Obviously the lack of water in the summer means that there are different routes in the different seasons. There are also by-now classic canyoning tours through dry canyons.

Among the canyons where you get wet, the ones most suitable for beginners are Piscina Irgas and Sa Spendula (in the SW of the island), or the Rio Pitrisconi (San Teodoro) which is pleasant in summer as well. Or the small but deep canyons such as the Codula Fuili which never fail to thrill people.

Sa Spendula

Sa Spendula

Sa Spendula is the name of the waterfall at the end of the Riu Coxinas (Villacidro). This is an enjoyable canyoning trip, ideal for the spring (April - May) and particularly suited  for those who want to try out canyoning for the first time.

During the descent of this little gem hidden in the Iglesiente granite you tackle toboggan slides, jumps into the water from various heights and abseils of various lengths (max 25 m – the Sa Spendula waterfall itself).

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Orbisi canyon

Codula Orbisi

Although there’s not much water in the Codula Orbisi, its descent is one of Sardinia’s most fascinating canyoning trips. The high, smooth walls, the very eroded rock formations and the variety of technical passages make it a sort of outdoor adventure park.

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Piscina Irgas

Piscina Irgas

Piscina Irgas is a mixed walking / canyoning excursion inside the marvellous state-owned forest of Monti Mannu (Villacidro). You make a pleasant 90 minutes’ walk to the bed of the small canyon scoured by the Rio di Oridda, to start above the main waterfalls.

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Donini cave

Grotta Donini

Donini is a cave formed in the limestone of the Supramonte di Urzulei (NU). It is peculiar in that you can traverse it, thanks to an upper entrance (from the bed of the Codula Orbisi) and a lower exit, a spring/waterfall, called Su Cunn’e S’Ebba.

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Codula Fuili Canyon

Codula Fuili

Codula Fuili is a small but evocative canyon which is cut into the limestone of the Golfo di Orosei, just a few km from Cala Gonone. To descend it you need to use harnesses and ropes. Although there is no water, this is a classic canyoning tour.

The conformation of this “codula” means that beginners can try out canyoning for the first time without undue stress and enjoy the really unspoiled surroundings. In some points the gorge is so narrow that you can touch both walls at the same time!

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Rio Pitrisconi canyon

Rio Pitrisconi

The Pitrisconi Canyon (Rio Pitrisconi) is a deep rocky valley, almost a canyon, cut into the porphory of Monte Nieddu, just behind the small tourist centre of San Teodoro/Budditogliu.

The gorge – also a popular destination for walks – is suitable for canyoning, that is, descending following the water course, with jumps and enjoyable slides and using ropes to descend the waterfalls which are present for most of the summer.

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Badde Pentumas canyon

Badde Pentumas

Badde Pentumas is a deep canyon cut into the limestone massif of the Oliena (NU) Supramonte, through the west buttresses of the stupendous and magical Lanaitho valley.

This is a dry canyon, with no water or standing pools, whose descent involves a long series of abseils for which you need a harness and descender.

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