Badde Doroné

Badde Doroné is a deep and wild valley that stretches out at the southernmost end of the Lanaitho Valley (Oliena). This dry canyon, just under two kilometers long, is characterized by a sequence of numerous vertical walls which, in order to be overcome, require the use of harnesses and ropes. 

The characteristics of this codula allows also beginners to have a go on this experience, thus being able to enjoy a full immersion in an extraordinarily wild environment.

The excursion to Badde Doroné can be scheduled in any season. The pleasant approach path takes less than an hour of walking while the descent of the gorge takes about 3 hours.

Further information
Groups can be composed of a minimum of 6 participants and the individual participant fee is 40 €.
The participation fee includes the guide and the necessary technical gear (helmet, lanyard, harness).