Grande Traversata del Gennargentu

The Grande Traversata del Gennargentu (GTG) is a 3-day trek which winds for 40 km over Sardinia’s highest and best-known mountain massif.

In the course of the 3 stages, with a total of 20 hours’ walking, you climb a total of 2500 metres. The area is not equipped with refuges, so we bivouac in some ancient abandoned sheepfolds (“cuiles” in Sard, “ovili” in Italian).

The trek, except for specific requests, is organized without logistic assistance, neither for backpacks nor for food. Along the trek there are numerous water sources.

Further information
Groups have a minimum of 4 participants and the price per person is 240 €. You need to book a month in advance and pay a deposit of 100 €.

Grande Traversata del Gennargentu

The price includes:

  • Transfers from Arcu Correboi (finishing point) to Aritzo (starting point)
  • 3 days’ accompaniment on the trek

It’s possible to include the following options, for an additional price:

  • Dinner at the end of the first or second stage
  • Connection and continuation on the GTS (6 days overall)

The additional cost depends on the size of the group, contact me for more details!