Grande Traversata del Supramonte

The Grande Traversata del Supramonte (GTS) is a 4-day trek, completely self-reliant, across the marvellous wild territory of the Supramonte.

Four days in the  wilderness during which the only man-made structures you come across (and where you will sleep) are the old shepherds’ huts “cuiles” which are used for bivvying

Four tough stages for a total of 25 hours of walking, 1700 metres’ climbing and 50 km of paths.

Further information
Groups are comprised of 4 or more persons and the price per person is 315 €. You need to book a month in advance and pay a 100 € deposit.

Grande Traversata del Supramonte

The price includes:

  • Transfer from Su Gologone (where the trekking finishes) to Arcu Correboi (starting point)
  • Guide to accompany you for 4 days during the trek

It’s possible to include the following options, for an additional price:

  • Dinner at Cuile Pradu
  • Pentumas variant

The additional cost depends on the size of the group, contact me for more details!