Piscina Irgas

Piscina Irgas is a mixed walking / canyoning excursion inside the marvellous state-owned forest of Monti Mannu (Villacidro).

The small canyon, carved out by the Rio di Oridda, is approached by following a pleasant path for about an hour and a half, thanks to which we reach the main waterfalls.

If you are up for the canyoning route, the descent along the stream characterized by dives in transparent lakes and abseiling alongside waterfalls up to 40 meters begins once you have put on the wetsuit and the harness. Even after the main waterfall the path continues along the watercourse, still offering some fun passages, to finally resume a comfortable trail that leads back to the cars.

Otherwise, if you have chosen to walk along stream without the use of ropes and harnesses, i.e. in hiking mode, you will be following a rocky path, which wades across the watercourse several times, letting you enjoy the beauty of this place by admiring all its waterfalls.

Further information
• The round trip has a duration about 5 hours
• The participation fee starts from 35 €
• The participation fee does not include the cost of the ferry, if needed.
• The participation fee includes the loan of the technical gear and the neoprene wetsuits.