Rio Pitrisconi

The Rio Pitrisconi canyon is a deep rocky valley, almost a canyon, cut into the porphory of Monte Nieddu, just behind the small tourist centre of San Teodoro/Budditogliu.

The gorge – also a popular destination for walks – is suitable for canyoning, that is, descending following the water course, with jumps and enjoyable slides and using ropes to descend the waterfalls which are present for most of the summer.

The canyoning trip, for which you wear a wetsuit, takes 3 hours for a small group, to which you have to add almost 50 minutes for the walk back. In total you have 10 vertical sections, the highest of which is 22 m high.

Further information
• This excursion takes about 4 hours.
• Price per person starts from 55 € *
• The price includes the necessary technical equipment (helmet, harness, neoprene wetsuit)
• Suitable for beginners
• Possibility to book a private tour (1-3 participants)

*in a group of 9 people, without intermediation