Cala Luna hike

The amazing beach of Cala Luna (Ilune), on the border between the territories of Dorgali and Baunei, certainly needs no introduction. It is one of the most scenic and picturesque beaches on the island, in fact, as a consequence it has been chosen several times as a film set that evokes wilderness. A true myth!

We take an easy path to reach it on foot from Cala Fuili, which in about 2 hours allows you to gaze upon the stunningly wide beach, characterized by a vast shoreline of white sand and a pond behind the dunes and in the background the deep and untamed Codula Ilune (canyon).

The excursion lasts about 5 hours (round trip), plus the time you will feel like spending near the welcoming beach. If the season and the weather allow it, you can indeed enjoy a pleasant and refreshing swim in the clear waters of the Gulf of Orosei or go into the canyon to discover some of its most remote spots.

Further information
• The round trip has a duration about 5 hours
• The participation fee starts from 35 €
• The participation fee does not include the cost of the ferry, if needed.

Options and alternatives

  • There is a bar/restaurant on site (Su Neulagi) which is available for a lunch break.
  • For the less trained hikers, it is possible to return by sea, by rubber dinghy or by ferry.
  • A nice alternative might be to reach Cala Luna along the gorge, either by following the entire canyon (10 km) or reaching it from the sheepfolds at Buchi Arta.