Gorropu Vintage

The canyon called Gorropu consistitutes one of the most stunning limestone formations on a large scale in the Sardinian Supramonte.
This particular canyon has been dug over the millennia by the waters of Rio Flumineddu which rises on the slopes of Gennargentu (Funtana Muidorgia, Arcu Correboi) and flows for 20 kilometers before it resolutely merges into the high walled gorge where it takes the well-known name of Gorropu.

This canyon is certainly the first to have been explored on the island in 1967. The canyoning techniques used then to descend such a canyon were very different from those of today. Small boats were used to traverse the pools, whereas today hikers do that by wearing neoprene wetsuits.
Gorropu Vintage allows you follow the riverbed of the canyon in the old-fashioned way which makes it a unique experience. With no mobile phone signal, nor paths, nor people to meet, you will feel completely isolated from the world. The overnight bivvy only adds to the thrill!

This hike lasts two days, during which you descend 6 km of the canyon, including 15 rappels, cross many small pools and have lots of short sections of climbing over huge boulders and gaze upon rock arches and surprising variety of plants. Well, to sum up: lots of adventure!

Further information
Groups are composed of a minimum of 6 participants and the price per person start from 150 €.
In order to complete this adventure it is necessary to arrange a lift back from the S’Abba Arva bridge to the “U” bend along the gorge of Flumineddu (near to Campos Bargios), which is the starting point of our trail.
The price includes the guide, the entrance ticket at the gorge (administered by the Società Chiuntula) and the loan of the necessary technical gear. This price does not include the costs of the transfer (approx. 20 € per person).