Gorropu canyon

The canyon called Gorropu constitutes one of the most stunning limestone formations on a large scale in the Sardinian Supramonte.
This particular canyon has been dug over the millennia by the waters of Rio Flumineddu which rises on the slopes of Gennargentu (Funtana Muidorgia, Arcu Correboi) and flows for 20 kilometers before it resolutely merges into the high walled gorge where it takes the well-known name of Gorropu.

The canyon can be visited in various ways based on how long the route is and how much technical effort it requires. Personally, apart from the Gorropu Vintage, to which I dedicate a separate info sheet, I suggest these two solutions:

Gorropu basic (hiking)
Simple hike that sets off from the bridge of S’Abba Arva (Dorgali) and allows you to access the canyon in just over one and a half hour (6 km). The access is free from any technical difficulties. The hike in the canyon, based on the section that you would like to visit , may require a minimum of sure-footedness in moving on potentially slippery rocks. Visiting the canyon may last just a little over an hour, followed by the way back along the same approach path. Total duration about 6 hours.

Gorropu crossing (for expert hikers)
A wonderful, exciting and demanding experience, which allows you to go through the canyon in one direction, from the top to the bottom, discovering and overcoming all the different technical difficulties that this route might represent. It is therefore an EEA path (for expert hikers) which means that it is necessary to wear a harness to overcome some transverse passages protected by a steel cable. It requires excellent stamina and good physical abilities. In order to complete the crossing it is necessary to rely on a transfer service that will accompany the group to the starting point. The crossing lasts approximately 7 hours.

Further information

• The round trip takes about 6-7 hours, based on the chosen route
• The participation fee starts from 35 € for the hiking trip
• The participation fee does not include the cost of the entrance ticket to the canyon (€ 5, set by Chintula company)
• To complete the “Gorropu Crossing” it is necessary to book a transfer service from the S’Abba Arva bridge to Campos Bargios with a cost about 15 euros per person