Spring Adventures

Spring, the ideal season for walking and climbing in Sardinia, has arrived!

With the warm weather the Via Ferrata di Pentumas (S'Istrada Minore), a few minutes from the marvellous Valle di Lanaitho (Oliena), the Via Ferrata di Giorré (Cargeghe, SS) and the Via Ferrata della Regina (Monteleone Rocca Doria, SS) are all more pleasant.

This is also the perfect season for trekking on the Supramonte: the days are longer, the daytime temperatures are perfect for walking and the nights are never too cold. Perfect for the GTS (Grande Traversata del Supramonte), with 4 days of self-sufficient adventure or the GTG (Grande Traversata del Gennargendu) 3 days hike along the highest ridges of Sardinia. For those looking for a more relaxing trek, I suggest the 3-day Trek delle Bocche along the island’s north coast. In addition to these multiday proposals, it's also possible to plan simple 2-days trek with a single bivouac in the wildesd areas of the island.

The Selvaggio Blu instead, at least for this year 2019, will not be part of my proposals. If you want kmow why you can read the page dedicated.

For each of these adventures you will find the detailed information pages with costs and links to dedicated web sites, but if you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact form on the contact page.