Isola Foradada (summer)


The Isola Foradada is a small (4,6 hectares) rocky island 300 metres from the west coast of the Capo Caccia promonotory (Alghero, SS).

Despite its small size (260 m long, maximum altitude 130 m) it is very imposing, especially because of the large hole that penetrates it from east to west.

The trip to reach the island and climb to the summit is one of the most fascinating that you can find in this part of Sardinia!


Foradada e Capo Caccia


You start from the viewpoint overlooking the island. From the car park you follow the Sorell ledge, an intricate route down to the sea. Then you swim to the island using a snorkel. The 700 metres take about 30 minutes.

The route to the summit is no pushover. You need to overcome steep rock steps and avoid some more complex walls, but there is no real technical difficulty. From the summit you enjoy an exceptional view over the cliffs of the west side of the Capo Caccia promontory.


Further information

Groups are composed of 4 or more participants and the price per person is 45 €. For 6 or more participants the price per person becomes 40 €.

The price includes the guide and supply of the necessary equipment. The trip takes about 4 hours.

Summer is the ideal time of year, obviously, but to avoid disturbing the seagulls and shearwaters during the nesting season, we do not make this trip from April to mid-June.