Donini cave

Grotta Donini

Donini is a cave formed in the limestone of the Supramonte di Urzulei (NU). It is peculiar in that you can traverse it, thanks to an upper entrance (from the bed of the Codula Orbisi) and a lower exit, a spring/waterfall, called Su Cunn’e S’Ebba.

It is possible, then, with canyoning techniques, to traverse the Grotta Donini,using ropes for the vertical sections and wearing a thick neoprene wetsuit to protect you from the very cold water. You need a good lamp on your helmet – this is a cave, so completely dark inside!

The approach to the entrance to the cave is short (less than 30 minutes) but the descent of the vertical sections inside the cave requires 3-4 hours (depending on the number of participants) and culminates with the spectacular and unforgettable 50 m abseil in the open air.

Grotta Donini


Altre informazioni

Groups are comprised of 6 or more persons and the price per person is 70 €. The price includes necessary technical equipment, helmets with LED lights and neoprene wetsuits.