Pedra Longa

The spectacular pinnacle of Pedra Longa, also known as Agugliastra, is a limestone promontory that rises up to 128 meters on the cliffs of Baunei.

The site is well-known as it is the starting point of the renowned Selvaggio … Leggi tutto

Monte Pulchiana

Monte Pulchiana is the most impressive and spectacular granite monolith in Sardinia. It is situated in the territory of Tempio and reaches an altitude of 591 meters above sea level.

The ascent to this peak is a real scrambling route … Leggi tutto

Badde Doroné

Badde Doroné is a deep and wild valley that stretches out at the southernmost end of the Lanaitho Valley (Oliena). This dry canyon, just under two kilometers long, is characterized by a sequence of numerous vertical walls which, in order … Leggi tutto

Cala Luna hike

The amazing beach of Cala Luna (Ilune), on the border between the territories of Dorgali and Baunei, certainly needs no introduction. It is one of the most scenic and picturesque beaches on the island, in fact, as a … Leggi tutto

Gorropu Vintage

The canyon called Gorropu consistitutes one of the most stunning limestone formations on a large scale in the Sardinian Supramonte.
This particular canyon has been dug over the millennia by the waters of Rio Flumineddu which rises on the slopes … Leggi tutto

Monte Arista

Monte Arista is a little-known granite peak located between the town of Cardedu and its shoreline, marked on the map with an altitude of 447. Not far from this hill you can spot an evident rocky prow, whose summit is … Leggi tutto

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