Month: February 2021

Piscina Irgas

Piscina Irgas is a mixed walking / canyoning excursion inside the marvellous state-owned forest of Monti Mannu (Villacidro).

The small canyon, carved out by the Rio di Oridda, is approached by following a pleasant path for about an hour and … Leggi tutto

Rio Pitrisconi

The Rio Pitrisconi canyon is a deep rocky valley, almost a canyon, cut into the porphory of Monte Nieddu, just behind the small tourist centre of San Teodoro/Budditogliu.

The gorge – also a popular destination for walks – is suitable … Leggi tutto

Grande Traversata del Gennargentu

The Grande Traversata del Gennargentu (GTG) is a 3-day trek which winds for 40 km over Sardinia’s highest and best-known mountain massif.

In the course of the 3 stages, with a total of 20 hours’ walking, you climb a total … Leggi tutto


Acquatrek (or river walking) is a form of sprimg-summer hiking that is carried out by following the bed of a stream or a river, sometimes walking partially immersed in water, sometimes swimming for short distances. To sum it up we … Leggi tutto

Via Ferrata di Pentumas

S’Istrada Minore commonly known as the Via Ferrata di Pentumas is an itinerary for expert walkers or those accompanied by a guide.

The via ferrata climbs up a succession of ledges on the right wall of the canyon, a stone’s … Leggi tutto

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